Hollywood Reporter: “An original work filled with bracing wit and sharp observations about character, class and social milieu.”

Newsday: “You get the impression that writer and director Burr Steers knows the territory … but his sense of humor has yet to lose the smug self-satisfaction usually associated with the better private schools.”

Boston Globe: “Blisteringly rude, scarily funny, sorrowfully sympathetic to the damage it surveys, the film has in Kieran Culkin a pitch-perfect Holden.”

Chicago Tribune: “A kinetic drama that seems to wander aimlessly, beautifully until it crashes in an odd anti-climax befitting reality itself.”

Journal News: “A strikingly intelligent and rueful comedy of disaffected youth.”


Is it my fault I am normal?! Is it my fault I was born in a normal, close to average family? A family that didn’t allow me to fight for nothing more but an intellectual upgrade?! For nothing more than that….. It’s not my fault I am not extraordinary! I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I drink only occasionally, not a lot of hookers to fuck around with! In short terms, I am child of the 10 commandments! Everything left, and not much is really left, is fucking average and mediocre! And the only thing I ever wanted from life is not to leave me in the middle! I always hated mediocrity!! They don’t say for nothing “You become what you hate the most”. Shit! What now? It seems the only thing left to do in this life is to excel in the career field, the only choice, the only thing to do so I could stick out of the crowd! FUCK! Everyone single one wants to do that!God knows it would be hard as hell to achieve that!! And what if I fucking a fail?! What then?! I will be 40 or even 50 and totally fucked up! No turning back and no forward to go to!

Igby goes down and at moments I would also like to go down. Just to feel how it feels, just to stare the feeling in its eyes! Sometimes I feel like going down its so easy….a quick way out of mediocrity….but its not! Joplin in one of her songs says ”Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose” ! And I bet with my life she is true! And from that I can conclude two things. First, free people are not average people, free people are not mediocre! Second, free people are either all the way down at the bottom or way up at the top?!

Where are you to choose to go when you are stuck at the middle? Half way through to anything else! People say “Time will show!”. And it will I am sure as God it will but…. I am afraid then it would be to damn late to do anything about it!


Igby goes down” is a great, great movie!!!

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